EQUIPEPRIVACY is the result of a collaboration born from the union of the experiences of legal professionals and IT technicians, which aims to offer a legal service with specific consultancy and assistance in the privacy field, now necessary and mandatory for the activities to following the entry into force of the European Regulation no. 679/2016 for the protection of personal data (GDPR).

The pool of professionals of "Equipeprivacy" is able to manage the initial analysis phase of the business realities for the effective definition of the protection in the field of privacy (privacy compliance), providing advice on the obligations required by law and consequent management of any dispute with the competent Authorities, both nationally and internationally.

Equipeprivacy has qualified professionals available to fill the role of external data protection officer commonly known by the acronym DPO Data Protection Officer (if the size or quantity of data processed, the legislation in question requires the introduction of this figure in the organization chart company). The DPO is a professional figure introduced by the EU Regulation 679/2016 GDPR with the task, among others, of monitoring compliance with the legislation on privacy (data protection management) as well as the policies of the data controller or data processor. on the protection of personal data, including the attribution of responsibilities, the awareness and training of the personnel participating in the processing and related control activities (privacy governance).

In particular, Equipeprivacy is able to provide advice and adaptation for :
• Support you for the execution of the IT legal obligations that your company needs to implement and / or improve.
• Carry out the annual check of company documentation required by law.
• Carry out all refresher courses and preliminary training for your staff and those in charge of your company.
• Management of out-of-court and judicial disputes in the event of checks / controls / sanctions by the Competent Authorities (administrative sanctions in the event of non-compliance, can reach up to 20 million euros or 4% of annual worldwide turnover).

The system introduced by the GDPR is a dynamic system , even in the documentary phase, this has led Equipeprivacy professionals to make use of specific ad hoc management software that allows them to interact with our clients in a constant and continuous manner, creating the individual profile for each company who relies on us, with the possibility, through a protected cloud , to download from the system all the information concerning him and the documentation to always be compliant with the GDPR and allowing the latter to download any changes that should become necessary.

Through the online mode , we are therefore able to monitor and intervene promptly, even remotely, for the management of all aspects relating to the individual company, both in the case of timely management of the obligations, or in the event that the individual company give course, for internal organizational choices, to changes to the privacy structure prepared by us.

The preliminary phase of preparing the privacy structure also allows the lawyers, in the event of checks and / or disputes by the competent Authorities and / or any actions by third parties, to organize an effective and timely defense in the event of a possible litigation phase in order to avoid the application of the sanctioning treatment provided for by law in the event of violations and / or any claims for compensation.

Our experience, gained in various companies, in addition to specific skills, allow us to guarantee functionality, efficiency and seriousness assistance.
We operate mainly in Northern Italy, with offices in Sanremo, Milan and Bibione (VE).

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