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Equipeprivacy is a pool of professionals, hence the term "Equipe", made up of lawyers, engineers and DPO (Data Protection Officier), the new figure introduced by the GDPR, highly specialized and passionate in the various disciplines involved in privacy.


This collaboration has led the team to put at the service of interested parties the skills of many years in the legal, privacy and IT sectors to help other companies in the difficult task of managing the obligations required by the GDPR with particular attention to data processing.


From the moment of the proposals and the development of the EU Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR), the interest in the subject and the passion for the IT / legal disciplines as well as the complexity of transmitting the concepts indicated therein, led the team to investigate the matter both in legal terms and in technical / IT terms, applying the skills to various public and private realities.


The last part of this path has materialized with the collaboration and structuring of multidisciplinary realities in Equipeprivacy, with the aim of facilitating the various companies, activities, organizations, freelancers and anyone subject to the obligation to adapt to the GDPR, management of data and of the figures involved in the data collection and processing process, as required by the legislator.




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